Canning, Freezing, Drying Harvesting, Cold Storage

The Produce Preservation Program offers fun, hands on workshops and resources to teach people how to safely preserve home grown and locally available fruits and vegetables for year round enjoyment.

Welcome to the Produce Preservation Program

The growing interest in leading healthy lifestyles and food security is leading to a huge return to home and community gardening and tremendous growth of farmers markets –  Grounded Strategies offers food preservation workshops to teach British Columbians how to preserve their home grown bounty for year round enjoyment.

Produce Preservation Workshops provide fun, hands on training and resources to teach people how to harvest, home can, dry, freeze and store fruits and vegetables.  People who attend workshops will learn how to identify and use preservation methods that retain the nutritional quality, safety, and taste of preserved fruits and vegetables.  Train the trainer workshops develop local capability to deliver produce preservation workshops. There is no better way to ensure knowing where your food comes from than by growing and preserving it yourself!

The Produce Preservation Program also provides resources for people interested in developing small food based businesses.

Grounded Strategies offers Train the Trainer workshops to build a team of Produce Preservation Trainers throughout British Columbia.  Check out our workshop schedule or contact us about hosting a workshop in your community:

The Produce Preservation Program includes:

  • Hands on workshops
  • Train the Trainer workshops
  • Website
  • A growing network of community trainers
  • Produce preservation methods and recipes
  • How to videos
  • Food business development resources
  • Links to further information and resources

Produce Preservation materials and resources are available at

The BC Food Processors Association developed the Produce Preservation Program as part of the Produce Availability Initiative in Remote Communities funded by the Province of BC.  The Produce Preservation Program was originally designed to improve the year round availability of nutritious and safe fruit and vegetables in targeted remote BC communities.

Grounded Strategies took over the delivery of the Produce Preservation Program in 2016.